A sacrococcygeal fistula is a growth that forms in the gluteal cleft above the buttocks. When hair follicles are imbedded in the skin, the skin becomes irritated and inflamed with pus. Some people think that using antibiotics will heal the infection but with this disease, antibiotics are useless. The only way to treat the infection is with medical sacrococcygeal fistula removal.

What are the Sacrococcygeal Fistula Removal Options?

There are numerous options for sacrococcygeal fistula removal. However, older techniques are not as effective as the more advanced protocols used by the doctors at the Pilonidal Cyst Surgical Center. While still popular with some practitioners, older treatments have a higher rate of infection and recurrence.

What is Recommended after Sacrococcygeal Fistula Removal?

Sacrococcygeal fistula removal is an outpatient procedure lasting from 30 minutes to one hour depending upon the severity of the fistula. Most patients go home on the same day as surgery after a short rest.

Recovery from sacrococcygeal fistula removal is typically fast. By closing the incision with native tissue, patients recover sooner. And because the wound is closed, the risk of infection is greatly reduced. Patients can also help in the healing process by soaking in warm sitz baths and not lifting heavy objects. If sacrococcygeal fistula removal is done as an open procedure, clean gauze must be used to re-pack the incision area.

Considering Sacrococcygeal Fistula Removal? Contact the Experts!

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