A pilonidal sinus is another name for a pilonidal cyst. This is a growth that forms in the area above the buttocks from imbedded hair follicles. Instead of growing straight outwards from the body, the hair curls backwards growing into the skin. The skin then becomes irritated and inflamed eventually developing into a pilonidal sinus (or cyst).

This condition typically occurs in the gluteal cleft above the buttocks and less frequently in the armpit, navel or genital region. Left untreated, a pilonidal sinus can become infected and very painful. When the condition becomes severe, the recommended pilonidal sinus treatment is surgery.

Is a Physician Required for Pilonidal Sinus Treatment?

Pilonidal sinus treatment options can include antibiotics, hot compresses, or depilatory creams, but they do not heal a cyst and are appropriate only in cases without symptoms. If a pilonidal sinus becomes infected, medical care from a physician is required because over-the-counter pilonidal sinus treatments are ineffective.

The best medicine is prevention and avoiding a pilonidal sinus altogether with good personal hygiene practices:

  • Keep the area dry and clean
  • Wear cotton underwear and clothing
  • Refrain from sitting for too long on hard surfaces
  • Hair removal by shaving the area or laser hair removal

If a pilonidal sinus worsens or intrudes upon daily life due to pain, it’s time to consult an experienced physician such as our team at Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Center.

What Are the Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Options?

Deciding upon a pilonidal sinus treatment is determined by the severity of the case. In mild cases, your doctor can lance the cyst to drain any liquid. This is a simple procedure in the doctor’s office, but to avoid a pilonidal sinus infection, the cyst area must receive proper wound care by the patient from home. If an infection develops, the recommended pilonidal sinus treatment is surgery.

The experts at Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Center are trained in the most advanced pilonidal sinus treatments. Our sophisticated techniques reduce the risk of infection and recurrence of pilonidal sinus.

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