Pilonidal sinus is another name for a pilonidal cyst that forms in the cleft above the buttocks. This condition is caused by an ingrown hair follicle that becomes infected and over time forms a cyst. These cysts cause discomfort and pain, making it difficult to sit or walk.

Initially, many patients don’t see the infection as a serious problem. But left untreated it can become more advanced and form a cyst. By the time patients consult an expert on pilonidal sinus in Los Angeles, the cyst may need to be treated surgically.

 Is the treatment for a pilonidal sinus complicated?

The type of treatment used for a pilonidal sinus depends upon the severity of the cyst and the appropriate medical options for the case. Patients who suffer from a pilonidal sinus in Los Angeles should contact the Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Center.

One of the recommended treatments is an advanced procedure in which the cyst is completely excised and the surrounding skin is used to close the wound. Patients with a pilonidal cyst in Los Angeles will find that the procedure is a safe and effective way to deal with their condition.

 Help with Your Pilonidal Sinus in Los Angeles

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