A pilonidal abscess is a pilonidal cyst which has become infected. This condition typically occurs in the gluteal cleft above the buttocks when hair becomes imbedded in the skin. Left untreated, the area becomes irritated then inflamed, and eventually infection sets in. At this point, the disease has advanced into a pilonidal abscess and the sufferer must seek immediate medical treatment.

What Are the Options for Pilonidal Abscess Surgery?

There are several options with pilonidal abscess surgery. Some practitioners still employ an older procedure which lances the pilonidal abscess then leaves the incision open to heal. This technique has a higher recurrence rate and longer recovery time. Until the wound is completely healed, the patient is required to keep the incision area clean and dry or else experience a recurrence.

The Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Center offers several effective pilonidal abscess surgery options. One of the most advanced surgical procedures is a method that uses a complete cyst excision and wound closure. The cyst is removed then covered with skin from the surrounding area. It benefits patients by reducing the risk of abscess recurrence and wound infection. Recovery time is only one to two weeks for patients, which is shorter than other surgical methods.

 What Do I Do after Pilonidal Abscess Surgery?

Pilonidal abscess surgery is an outpatient procedure. Upon release, patients are given pain medication which must be taken only as prescribed by the doctor and only when the medication is needed. The patient must practice common sense allowing the body time to heal. Heavy lifting or excessive physical activity immediately following pilonidal abscess surgery is prohibited.

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