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Pilonidal Cyst Excision Treatments: Open Healing or Primary Closure?

Due to their location, pilonidal cysts often become infected, inflamed, and painful. When these common cysts are diagnosed early, they can often be treated in the doctor’s office and usually heal on their own. Many people, however, put off visiting the doctor until the infection begins to interfere with their daily life. An experienced colon 
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Pilonidal Cyst Excision: How To Care Of Yourself After Surgery

In most cases, a pilonidal cyst excision takes place in a hospital’s outpatient surgical ward or in a surgicenter. The procedure itself only takes between half and hour to an hour, with 45 minutes being about average. Most patients are required to stay in the recovery area for one hour after the excision, depending on 
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Pilonidal Surgery Recovery

The thought of surgery can intimidate many people and lead to some concerns about recovery. The Pilonidal Cyst Center conducts surgery as an out-patient procedure, which typically takes about one hour to 30 minutes. The length of pilonidal surgery and pilonidal surgery recovery depends on the severity of the patient’s pilonidal cyst, the surgical method 
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Treatment for a Pilonidal Cyst

A pilonidal cyst is a painful condition that plagues many patients. The term refers to an inner skin infection (abscess) that occurs on the natal cleft of the buttocks. Because the pain can intense and the cyst may cause deformity, it is important to find the most effective treatment plan and the best doctors. Symptoms 
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Preventing Cysts and Abscesses

Living with a pilonidal cyst can be difficult. The pain, discomfort, and even embarrassment of this large growth can make everyday life unpleasant and unmanageable. Our colorectal center exists to help anyone who is dealing with this disease to get the expert abscess treatment they need so that they can lead healthy, normal lives. We 
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Pilonidal Cyst Risk Factors

Whether you are currently dealing with this condition or looking to prevent its reoccurrence, it is important to understand the many pilonidal cyst risk factors that can come into play. Our colorectal center exists to provide treatment to all patients who may be experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of a pilonidal abscess. Please give us a call 
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